Omniport as Remote Switch

Is it possible to create a basic remote latching switch with the omniports? I am trying to control the bypass of a WetterBox that is underneath my pedalboard. It just requires a 1/4 latching switch no midi… Looked in the manual and there are options for so many things, but I was not able to find options for a latching switch. I would like to assign it to a preset so I can turn this device off and on.

Only with the Relay Interface:

Please do not connect the Omniport to any 1/4" port that you see. The Omniports are designed for Aux switches, expression pedals and MIDI OUT only, or the Omniport Relay Interface product.

Switching inputs work at many different voltages - 3.3vDC, 5vDC or even 10vAC, for example. Connecting it to the wrong port may damage your product.

Thanks James! I will make sure to grab one of those. Also any idea when these will be available to purchase? Looks like they are out of stock everywhere.

They are fantastic and very small.