Official announcements and News

This a request/suggestion which may have been conveyed already to the Morningstar crew, but if that were the case, I don’t think my refreshing the topic would harm.

The ‘Official announcements’ category should be the place to, well, inform your users about important or relevant news (such as firmware updates, new products, etc.), but since I joined the MS family some 4 months ago I have not seen it change at all. And looking for news and latest firmwares has been a cumbersome and long winded process for me. So, that’s that.

Additionally, I really (and I mean really, seriously) think MS should have a ‘News’ tab on your website for the very same purposes. It’s the 2nd place (this forum being the 1st, for the reasons outlined above) I go to to find news, only to feel something important is missing on that main page.

Anyway, thank you for ‘listening’, and keep up the excellent work on your products!

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Thanks for the feedback. I think we discuss internally what we define as “News” but definitely, we need to remember to post updates there. I’m not sure about having a News section in the website yet - let me see what kind of news we will release first :grimacing: