Novation Circuit Start/Stop?

Hi Morningstar fans
I have a problem that seems similar to the one this guy had Start/Stop messages - #6 by impaaaaact

I can’t get my Novation Circuit to respond to Real Time Start or Stop commands from my MC6.
I have verified the MC6 it is sending the commands and the Circuit is definitely responding to them because the play button lights up when I send a Start and the light turns off when I send a Stop. However when it responds to the Start command it does not make any sound it just seems as though it keeps trying to play the first note in the sequence.

What could be going on here? I think it is definitely related to midi clock (because the play/stop buttons run through midi clock on the circuit). I verified this by turning off everything but send/receive midi clock in the Circuit’s midi menu and had the same problem.

Do you send a clock ? May be you need to.

Thanks you are exactly right - when I send midi clock FROM the MC6 Start/Stop messages work perfectly. This still isn’t ideal though - I like using the Circuit as the master clock because i can save tempos per project. Also sending clock from MC6 > Circuit > Other devices (in this case a looper pedal) does not create reliable clock for the looper. The Midi Thru on the new Circuit Tracks would probably help with this. Sending clock out from Circuit and back into it from the MC6 does not seem to work. Shame! I guess this is why the new Circuit Tracks gets a second midi out.

I will try, I just received mine :wink:
On Elektron Model: Samples and Cycles, when you setup them in auto clock mode and send an external Start, there is a delay (one bar or longer depending setup of pattern) before the model starts its own clock because they first wait for the external one which should (according Elektron) be associated with the Start cmd.