Notes for Messages

I’m putting together some complex presets with several messages. Is there a way to add a note for each message in the editor to quickly see what that message does?

I noticed the new copy/paste feature from the MIDI dictionary (awesome idea by the way) adds a little note on some of them telling you what it does, when I paste it from the dictionary.

Is that a possible feature to add customized message notes?

There’s no way we can store those messages on the device. Possibly only locally on your computer. I need to think about the mechanics and feasibility of implementing this first. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I was just thinking about when using the editor, not on the device itself.

I’ve had the idea for some time, and when I saw the little notes at the bottom of the command after pasting from the MIDI Dictionary, I got very excited. That’s exactly what I had in mind, just with the option to type them manually.

Perhaps the ability to add custom entries into the MIDI dictionary, so it would work the same as those currently there when copy/pasted?

I assume that would only be possible on the desktop editor, and not the web editor so it can be locally stored on the PC.