Noob Question setting up ML10x

Hi All,

Just got my ML10x today and trying to get my head around how best to set it up for my particular purpose.
I want to set it up over the wet part of my signal chain which comes off an iridium output.
Based on my wireframe diagram ad my current primitive understanding, my 2 mono pedals are configured via A tip and A ring and are in series to input 1 then I get to my NEUNABER tri stereo chorus which has both mono in stereo out and stereo in and stereo out.
currently I have patched B Tip to Input 1 and B Ring to Input Ring (thinking that previous A ring will be copied out to both stereo chorus inputs ( see attached simple mode wiring).
I cant try advanced mode ( even though I want to stay in simple mode) as When going to advanced mode here are no boxes on my display, even after zooming in and out…how do i get the ring and tip boxes? see image

So In summary I have a mono input signal, going in to two mono pedals, the 3rd pedal goes from mono to stereo with the following pedals all stereo.

Apologies if my questions are Dumb. I am sure there are, its just the penny has not drpped yet.
I have attached a couple of images of my wet chain and screenshot of current simple mode

any help greatly appreciated.

My ML10x is running 1.1.3 firmware

They might be hidden further down the canvas. Try zooming out, I’ve had that happen before.

Thanks @lightyrs

Appreciate the response. I tried zooming but can see nothing.
See attached video,

Regarding the advanced mode issue, just refresh the page and connect again and it should be there.

There is a bug where if you disconnect the editor and then connect again, the nodes on the advanced mode disappears

Thanks @james,

That worked.
Appreciate the response.
Ok so now I am trying to wire my setup in advanced mode.
Does this look like I have the wiring right (see attached image)
mono input from guitar through two mono pedals then mono into chorus and stereo out of chorus to all other effects stereo then to stereo out?
I am programming this away from my rig so any help would be appreciated

You’ll have to split the signal after the evh to both chorus inputs. If you don’t your chorus has to be always on to split the signal. If the pedals after your chorus are true stereo turning off the chorus loop would result in a mono signal

Awesome thanks @GuitarWolf
Makes sense now that you point it out.
When you mention turning off the chorus loop I didn’t think this was possible using the advanced mode.
This is originally what I wanted to do, ( get control of switching off and on Loops) but I could not work out how to configure my system using simple mode which I thought was the only mode you could do this functionality in.
Based on the setup I have posted above do you think I could wire it like that using simple mode?

many thanks

“When you mention turning off the chorus loop I didn’t think this was possible using the advanced mode.”

That’s correct but you would usually need a split somewhere befor your stereo pedals if the chorus isn’t part of the preset.

“Based on the setup I have posted above do you think I could wire it like that using simple mode?”

Not exactly, but it’s possible. There has been a firmware update recently which allows you to split the input at the beginning of the chain

You’d have to run your mono pedals in front of the ml10x though

Thanks @GuitarWolf

Appreciate your response.
I just read one of the How-to_articles on the site @ Using Mono and Stereo pedals together

This is exactly what i was looking for and now i know i will be able to do what I want in both simple and advanced mode.
Sorry for wasting everyones time.
At least I did make the heading Noob question.
In future before I post I should read ALL the available materials available.
Here is the image from that link

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Don’t be scared to ask anyways man. I’m constantly finding new ways to utilize my Morningstar products via people asking “noob” questions. Even though I’ve poured through the manuals a few different times these things are beasts that have so many ways to set up and use.

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Thanks @cVarsity

Appreciate your comment mate.
I love being able to ask questions via the community.
Really helps me get up to speed quickly