Noob question - how to program loop switcher to engage and disengage ? On/Off? (MC6 and RJM)

Hey! First post, noob here…

I am setting up a MC6 with a RJM Mini Effects Gizmo X. The idea being that MEGX is mounted underneath my pedalboard, and will act as a loop switcher that I will control with the MC6 up on the board.

There’s 6 loops in the MEGX and I have 6 switches on the MC6. I just want to connect it so that each switch on the MC6 will engage and disengage each effects loop on the MEGX.

This should be easy since each loop has it’s own midi CC for on/off. For instance loop 1 is cc 80, loop 2 cc 81, etc.

But I’m so new to the MC6, I can’t figure out what actions to program it to perform this simple “on/off” function.

I thought setting up 2 messages (1 with value 127 for on, and 2 with value 0 for off) and maybe actions “press” and “release”, but that just creates a “latch” where it’s only engaged with my foot on the button. I thought “On First Engage” to turn it on, and “On Disengage” to turn it off, but this does nothing at all.

How should I program this to perform a simple on/off function for my loops?

Ensure the preset’s set toggle is On. Then change position for msg1 to 1 and position for msg2 to 2. Set them both as Press

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Something like this:

Where the CC number is whatever is required by the MEGX to turn on/off the loops. The above example will toggle between a CC#0 value 127 and value 0 on each press.

Hi. This video should be useful for helping you understand how to use Toggle Mode. It was published a while ago so our editor UI has changed a bit since then. But the concept and method are the same. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much guys! I had a hunch it would be something very simple I was overlooking… the MC6 can do so much, it was tough to find out the specifics for this use case. I tested it out and all is working great now! Thanks for the help!

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