Non Midi Tap/Control/Relay Switching

Is there any news on when this feature/function/tool will be available as I’m very interested to know more - especially when it’s likely to land!

We have this coming up: [Coming soon] Omniport Relay Switching Interface

Hoping the parts will all arrive next week so we can start assembly.

This isn’t a MIDI controlled relay. It just interfaces with your Morningstar controller omniport, so instead of potentially damaging your omniport by plugging an incompatible switch input (like an amplifier that has 10VAC in its switching input, for example), you use this interface which uses a relay to do the switching to there’s no direct connection with the omniport electronics.

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This is an amazing piece of kit and wish it had been available before. Appreciate there’s only so many products and updates anyone can focus on.

I’m excited about this

@James, what’s the risk of going direct to the controller with a pedal? is it about voltage feeding back into the controller? Asking purely out of interest and to learn

The risk is plugging in a voltage source that is above what the omniport is designed to handle. 3.3v or 5v DC is common - but some amps use AC. Some uses 9vdc or 10vac. There’s a number of variations out there without any standard.

We’re just going to be opening a can of worms if we start saying the omniport can be connected directly to some devices but not others. Some users are going to just end up with damaged controllers just because they connected it to an incompatible device.

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That makes total sense @james and it’s best to be safe than sorry.

I could be interested to replace a tap tempo pedal on an old SR18 not accepting to set it’s internal tempo by midi and which I don’t want to sync to an external source of tempo.
But I can’t figure how to program MCx and this new hardware for this task ?
A dedicated tap tempo with ORI video could be welcome.

EDIT : Could be interesting to have an MC3+ORI package as I could be interested to move all my real Time features out of my MC8.
Better would be a MC3ex with 2 Relay interfaces replacing 2 of its omniports.

EDIT 2 : it would be nice to have a way to simulate a tempo tap for a dedicated BPM value…

Relay looks superb - just what I need for amp switching where Tip/Ring and Tip/Sleeve select different channels.

I echo this second edit. The new relay device would be much more useful to me if it could send a tap signal (ie pulse 4 or 8 times) that matches the bpm of a midi clock.


hello, i’ve my omniport relay. i’ve no problem with Tap tempo but i don’t find the good way to forward my tempo from Logic to omniport relay.
My Mc8 and My strymon volante is synch but not my Mr black “panatrem” wich is plug to the omniport relay.
Can you help me please?

The Omniport relay is not based on midi Real Time, it is simply a relay which opens or closes a contact, that’s what are requiring some equipments.
Actually there is no way to convert an internal (or incoming) Real Time flow into bpm (or bps which is identical) and ask the relay to send the corresponding sequence of open/close to the connected gear.
This is going further than what I was asking for before, I suppose it would be a great effort.
But a simple command as ‘TAP BPM 120 ON RELAY1’ could allow simulating the conversion of incoming bpm.
A command as ‘TAP INTERNAL BPM’ also…
But this does not exist today.
Missing also a command as

Noooo :frowning:

thank you for your help

Same. I’m trying to control a Timeline and Memory Man via Midi clock. Right now I use the DMC Smartclock and control preset parameters via another DMC device. Having the Morningstar ecosystem be able to send the same tempo to a MIDI clock capable pedal and a non-MIDI pedal would be amazing, given everything else the Morningstar stuff can do.

We’re testing some enhancements now related to MIDI clock syncing the relay interface: [Beta] Relay Interface Enhancements

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Really appreciate the reply! Seems my question was a few hours too early haha!
Dumb question for clarity: will this feature be a firmware update, or a hardware change that you guys are working on and is possibly coming down the line? I will be purchasing the ML5 this week either way…just curious!

It’ll just be a firmware update on the MCx controllers for this feature

Can this device control multiple devices at the same time? For instance, can I plug my Strymon El Capistan for favorite switch operations and also operate my Bad Cat Cub channel selection function in the same unit?