Non Midi Pedal with Expression port through an Omni port?

Hello! I have a Strymon Flint MkI (no Midi), and I have been using it with an exp-pedal before I acquired my MC8…Now I would like to Use an EV-30 Dual Exp-pedal in the MC8 to control an HX Stomp as well…Can I Plug, in the Flints Expression “port” directly into the MC8 using a TRS cable? Then use the EV-30, also connected to the MC8, to control both the Flint and HX Stomp?

It’s not possible. The Omniport can only do Exp In, Aux In or MIDI Out.

Controlling expression requires entirely different hardware

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Thank you! Good to know.

I actually came here to propose this idea as a feature request using the relay ports on the MC6 Pro or the Relay Interface. I assume it would additional components, but it would be a great additional feature.

The relay interface is essentially an on or off functionality. 1 or 0. Expression requires a wider range of expression, not just on/off.

I’d love the MC series to have an expression out but it’s a different concept.

Right, that’s why I said it would require a hardware change

This would be amazing. I’ve been wondering this for some time now also.

You can use a Garbage collector from oscillator devices or an MTET from Old Blood Noise to accomplish this now.


Good to know! Thx for sharing!

I was just about to request the same functionality as the original poster. It would be great to add this ability to the omniports or relay ports in future hardware versions. That would let me use a single expression pedal to control one device over MIDI on a given song, and an EXH Superego+ over TRS expression on another.