Noise when usb connected to mc8 issues

Hey guys, have seen this issue brought up before being ground loops from midi. As soon as i disconnect usb cable from morningstar noise is gone. Is there any work around to this? I like to control ableton with my Mc8 so i need midi hooked up. My interface doesn’t have din but I have a motu midi interface but cant seem to figure out how the hell to get it to send midi to morningstar and have midi thru work even with midi thru and midi pass thru set on configurations on mc8. This may not even be doable but i figure it would. The noise is bad and recordings are unusable. Any help much appreciated. Thanks guys.

Hi, I’d try something like this:

You can try this as well:

I will give the usb isolator a try thank you guys. If this does not work, you should be able to received midi from another device like another midi interface am i correct?