No sound from ML10X

I just received my new ML10X but I am unable to get any sound from any of the loops or even connecting the input directly to the output.

I have ran the test function and the Bypass test is successful (I get sound) but none of the loops test succeds.

Is there anything I may be missing here? Thanks

How do you have everything connected to the ML10X? A photo or diagram would help to further troubleshoot this.

A common misunderstanding is to connect the INPUT and OUTPUT of your pedal into the same loop with a splitter cable on the ML10X. Each loop only functions as either a Send or a Return. So you need to connect your pedal’s Input to a Send port, and your pedal’s Output to a Return port.

Hi James, that was not the issue in the end. I was connecting the input and output as you described, but I just think the issue was somehow on my side as my setup is quite complex. I created a separated and more simple setup and the ML10X works just fine!

Thanks for the help