No signal from the ML10X

Hey there, I hope I’m doing something stupid here. I’m trying to get my ML10X configured and I’m having some issues. Input Tip → Output Tip is not getting any signal. If I remove the ML10X from my signal chain I get a signal, so I’m pretty sure my cables are fine. Any suggestions would be great, I’ve tried factory reset and that didn’t resolve the problem.

It could be a couple of things. Have you pressed save on the patches or just made the connections on the screen? Sometimes the connections need to be saved prior to them working.

Are the cables inserted fully? Are the connections definitely ‘tip’ to ‘tip’ and are the ins and outs of the ML10 connected - guitar (or amp send) to in and to amp (or amp return) from the out?

There’s also a mute function on the ML10. It’s worth checking that isn’t activated unintentionally.

Thanks for the response!

Confirmed it’s a saved preset that I’m working with. It doesn’t seem to matter if I create / save the preset on the device or the web editor, I get no signal either way.

Cables inserted fully, yes. For these tests I’m only connecting In Tip and Out Tip in the patch and those cables plugged in and am getting no signal.

Interesting about the mute function, where is that at? Could be my issue…

When the unit boots up, do you hear a “click” sound from the internal relay right before the load completes?

As corresponded over email, we’ll get this unit back to check and send a replacement :+1:

Hey James! Thanks for the help on this already.

Yes, when the unit powers on I do hear an audible “click” after the booting menu and before the initial preset screen is shown.

CC#7 to mute; CC#8 to unmute.

I’d go with @james 's suggestion as he’ll know best.

I recommend you selling your stinky ML10x to me so I don’t have to wait for the next batch :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding (sort of)…enjoy!!!

Just to update here, Morningstar has been phenomenal with debugging this issue with me and have paid for my unit to be returned to investigate and they’ll be arranging for a replacement sent to me. It’s a shame I have to wait a little longer but the support has been top notch. Thanks so much, @james and team :+1:


Closing the loop here…I sent my unit back to Morningstar and this morning I received a replacement that is working as expected. Thanks so much for the help on this, I’m looking forward to enjoying this piece of wizardry!