No Longer have Fractal Integration on newest firmware

Every since I updated both my FM3 and AxeFx III to the latest firmware some of the integration features don’t work. The tuner works fine but when I setup a preset for Fractal Integration I get the F. Device Not Found error. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there something I’m doing wrong? I have both my MC8 and Fractal devices setup on midi channel 1. The midi out of the MC8 to the midi in of the AxeFx and the midi in on the MC8 to midi out of the AxeFx. The preset A is setup for press action and the type is set to Fractal Integration. I also have it set for Presets + Scene Select.

On the MC8, what firmware are you running?

Also, what firmware did you update your AxeFX3 to? I think we did a firmware update for our AxeFX3 recently - just want to confirm if it is the same as yours before we test.

The latest firmware for the MC8 3.10.2. The AxeFx is 21.02.

Can you try this firmware and let me know if the issue still persists? MC3/6/8 v3.11.0 Beta Firmware - #15 by quadstar

There was a fix done related to the DIN MIDI IN port in software.

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I will try that when I get home from work. Thanks James!

That worked James! Thank you so much!

I experienced a similar problem and put it down to pressing the switch too quickly. I’ll try the Beta firmware. Is there any way to save the presets to the MC6 after engaging integration?

Not that I know of. James would probably know that though.