Greetings All-

Today I was using my MC6 & Nixie, slamming out some work, walked away, and came back-- it’s NO LONGER working! HELP?!

I have realized that nixie has started to look a little different, (see attached picture) and tried reinstalling multiple times, re-starting, re launching, shutting down, etc.

Just to test I plugged in a Roland UM One and it worked no problem.

Any advice?

Does the MC6 appear in the “View MIDI Adapter List”?

The MC6 just acts as a USB MIDI interface, where it sends the MIDI messages it receives via USB to its MIDI OUT, and the MIDI messages it receives via MIDI to the USB MIDI OUT.

You can verify your cable connection by using the MC6 to send a PC messages to the MC6 MIDI channel and see if the MC6 responds by changing banks.

Also check that the USB Virtual MIDI Port setting is set to 1, if not Nixie will send the messages to all the connected ports and read on all the connected ports as well. If the setting is set to 1, Ports 2, 3 and 4 will still show but only Port 1 will be active.