Newbie Questions

I am a newbie here and have some questions. I am following recommendations and while they’re working for the most part, I am still having a few troubles. My first page is my pedal “homepage” where I have access to each pedal individually. Right now in the system I have a Meris enzo, microcosm and empress echo and have tap tempo on the main page to control it on all pedals. With the meris and microcosm I have presets mapped. My problem is that I tried to set up a hold button option on the “a” pedal with a long hold to take me “home” but it also automatically changes the preset with the long hold. I tried changing the settings from 1 to 2 to both to mix it up, but I’m not sure why it’s not working, or if it’s not possible. Any words of wisdom for taking care of my issues with this fun machine? I also thought I saw a post about scroll options and that it may change the number one is accessing. My goal would have been to have an up/down with my enzo using only 2 buttons rather than all 16. Does such an option actually exist? Thanks for all the help in advance.

So the problem is that you have the A switch set with a preset change on “Press” and a bank jump to “home” on “Long Press,” yes? If so, try changing the preset-change action from “Press” to “Release.”


Will try tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!