Newbie questions about MC8

Hello to all,

I am thinking about buying an MC8 because this machine seems to correspond to my needs.
However, I have some questions whose answers will confirm (or not) this decision and, in any case, will help me to anticipate the arrival of this new equipment.
Thanks in advance to all for your feedback.

First of all, my set:
Currently I use an ipad to send via Songone program changes to : BeatBuddy, Kemper, Voicelive and Infinnity3 looper.
Since anything can happen to an iPad, I would like to have everything centralized in the MC8.

1- If I power the MC8 via a 7 pin midi cable, is it able to power the iPad via the USB port?
2 - If the iPad sends for example to the MC8 Program Change 3 and CC 9, I should arrive on preset H of Bank 4. Is that ok? But does it activate the preset or just display it. I mean, will the programmed program changes be sent directly to the different machines?
3 - And also, is it possible to keep page 1 displayed even when calling a preset from page 2? I mean without having to do B+C.

Thank you very much for the answers you can give me.


Hi there.

1 - You can power the MC8 via MIDI phantom power through its MIDI Out Port. However, the MC8 does not supply power out from its USB port and you will not be able to power your iPad with it.

2 - That is incorrect. You will need to send PC number 3 and CC number 17 to trigger Bank 4 Preset H. The MC8 MIDI Implementation chart is in the manual here: MC8 User Manual (Firmware v3.10)

3 - There a 2 ways you can do this. You can send MIDI to the MC8 from an external source. That will trigger the preset on bank 2 without changing pages. The other way is to use the ‘Engage Preset’ message type (Message Type List). You can program a preset on page 1 to trigger a preset on page 2 if you wish. You can also use a different action to trigger that if you wish, so that Press is reserved for its primary function. More information about Action-based Control in this video:

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Thank you very much Brandon, for your help.