Newbie: Basic bank up/down not responding

I have set up presets on banks 1 and 2. I have assigned switches D and F to bank up and down, saved to device. Pressed each D and F and nothing happens. Actions set to “press” and “Bank up/down”. Thanks

Have you disconnected from the editor? Certain functions won’t work when connected. Or, change that behaviour in Editor Settings.

@james You might consider changing the default setting for the editor to not change presets upon button click. I’d also change the warning (toast?) to display at the bottom when this feature is enabled (versus the opposite today). Anyone who already has it installed will keep their current settings, but at least new users will have a better experience.

It seems that every week a few people run into issue with the MC not working as expected when the editor is attached. I suspect there are more people that run into this issue than report the issue here, FB, TGP, …

It’s not obvious/expected that many features won’t work as expected if the editor is connected … and even if the setting was renamed/more obvious, new users won’t likely find it.

I agree that pressing the buttons on the device is nice for many, but if that’s at the expense of hard to understand issues that affect how the hardware operates with the editor connected, it’s not the right default.

Now if the feature could work without any impacts to the controllers features (and that’s doable in the near term)…

[The OP’s issue might be different, but the issue remains!]

That was it. Thank you!

@quadstar beat me to it, been meaning to post exactly that myself. Also think that a default of “when I press the switch it won’t work unless I disconnect” isn’t that intuitive. For my money, a persistent (but not obtrusive!) indicator that you’re in “need to disconnect” mode would be helpful….

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about it before but I got a feeling if I set the default the other way, then we’ll get questions on why the preset isn’t loading in the editor when the button is pressed.

I think one solution would be to bring up a prompt to let the user know about this when the same button is pressed and when that editor setting is turned on. Or maybe if we set the default as off, bring up a prompt to let the user know otherwise. We’ll see what works best