New User - How best to connect the MC6 to Strymon Flint v2?

Hi all,

I’m completely new to using MIDI and was looking for some advice on a couple of queries in relation to the MC6 and hooking it up to use with a Strymon Flint v2.

  1. Am I best to use the Strymon MIDI Exp cable to do this? Or are there any other alternatives which are slightly cheaper as it seems quite pricey for a cable? Is it possible to send MIDI from the USB in the MC6 to the USB in the Flint, rather than having to buy the Strymon MIDI cable?
    MIDI EXP Cable 18" - Strymon

  2. I already have a Strymon ‘Favourite’ switch - could this be used as a Tap tempo switch for the Flint if plugged into one of the MC6’s ‘Exp’ ports?

Any help from those more experienced in using MIDI would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi. The simplest way to send MIDI to your Flint v2 is via an Omniport on the MC6. That way you can use a standard 1/4 inch TRS cable. As you did not mention which MC6 version you are using, I assume that it is not the PRO model. Only the MC6 PRO can send USB to the Flint v2 via its USB Host port. The standard MC6 does not have a USB Host port.

Since you already have the Strymon Favorite switch, you can can open it and set it to Tap mode. That way it becomes a momentary switch, which is what our controllers need. However, we are not sure how the Favorite switch is wired and it may or may not work.