New Toggle Feature - Shift

Have you tried the MESSAGE SCROLL method?
I.e each press triggers the next message in sequence?

It would be a great step forward for Morningstar if there were simple ways to configure these complex scroll (and send) setups without a lot of work. Sort of like the toggle button feature but more powerful.

I call them “virtual knobs” as you are often emulating a physical knob.

As devices become more powerful at lower prices, the complexity of users “programming” more powerful and intuitive UI’s will become important versus the competition.

I’d rather keep the ‘open’ design. I think it’s a strength of the MC. There is a lot of freedom of expression in their approach. Most of the time it’s possible to tailor the MC to ones likings, even if it takes some time and effort. I think it’s better this way than having to adapt to ‘solutions’ the developer came up with.

I wasn’t proposing getting rid of the primitives that make up today’s ‘open’ design.

My suggestion was in addition to the current approach (just like you can set button toggle or use go beyond that with the more complicated toggle features)

Hi all. Is there a way to temporarily rename all shifted buttons on the MC series? I can do it per-button (having ‘preset rename’ as the first in a string of ‘shift position’ commands), but only once I have done something to activate that button.

Context, if it helps (I’m using an Ampero II Stomp here):
A - Sets shift/unshift for B-D and F-G
B-D/F-G: Unshifted - these toggle FX modules on and off
B-D/F-G: Shifted - these select targets for EXP control
E - return to HOME bank (master bank select for different devices)

What I’d like, is to hit ‘A’ (which puts B-D and F-G into a shift state: the little up arrow shows), and at that point send a ‘preset rename’ to each of those presets.

EDIT: And the reverse - reset all preset names on selecting Un-Shift.



Hi Stew,

Unfortunately there isn’t such a feature. The MC6 PRO has a Shift name which displays when the preset is shifted, but not for the MC3/6/8.

It’s not possible to rename all the presets at once.

Thanks James.

Bit of a shame, but if it ever does make it across to the MC3/6/8 that’d be great. These are brilliant bits of kit!