New Toggle Feature - Shift

We’re trialing a new Preset state called Shift. We have implemented this for the MC8 v3.9 beta firmware (not published yet), but just putting it here to get more feedback first :slight_smile:

What is Shift?

Similar to Toggle Position 1 and 2, Shift is a state which the preset is in (similar to holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, but for this you don’t need to hold it down). Preset messages can then be set to execute only when the Preset “Shifted”. Once the Preset executes, the Preset will move back to the original (unshifted) state.

How do I get the Preset to the Shift state?

Using the Set Toggle messages in Presets and Bank Presets. There will be an additional option (on top of Engage, Disengage and Toggle) called, well, Shift.


This gives you more flexibility in deciding what messages to send. For example, you can program a double-tap to shift the preset, and then have a Press action to send a CC#0 command, for example. After which, subsequent Press actions can be programmed to send a different message, until the Preset is shifted again.

How do I know which Preset is Shifted?

The Preset Short and Toggle names will be enclosed with round brackets. So, if your preset name is HOME, it will appear as ( HOME ) when shifted on the MC8 (10 characters). If it is DISTORTION, it is going to appear as (DISTORTI)

The Preset Short and Toggle names will be shifted right a Right Arrow key added. So, if your preset name is HOME, it will appear as →HOME when shifted on the MC8 (10 characters). If it is DISTORTION, it is going to appear as →DISTORTIO


Could be good, and better if associated with a better Blink mode as stated in another thread here.

Also, isn’t it possible to underline or italic any shifted preset rather than shortening the name already very short ?

One more thought about this Shift proposal : it could be nice to have a '‘Radio button’ feature.
This imply to manage dedicated groups of presets and only one preset in a same group could be shifted.
So shifting one would ‘un-shift’ all the other members of the same groups.
So unshifting the ones previously shifted would call these presets with the unShift feature.
So we need some UnShifted state in counterpart of the Shifted one ?

Easy, isn’t it ? :wink:

underline/italics not possible with the LCD though, so this is the best option I can think of. Anyway, it’s just meant to show that the preset is on Shift. If the preset is on Shift, my guess is you likely know what you want to execute with that preset already, because you need to undertake an action to put it on Shift.

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Sounds like the current toggle feature but the “groups” are created using Set Toggle messages instead. The main purpose of Shift would be just to give an extra dimension in terms of what message(s) to execute

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And simply adding a special char before (or after), in order to avoid losing 2 chars ?
Or writing in uppercase ? Or inverting any camelcase used on the original small preset text?
If I lose 2 chars, one in beg and one in end of some of my items, they will become identical.

Yeah one might be enough. Maybe an * at the left

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I allready use smallcase/uppercase in toggle funtion. The * at the left seems a good option. Would be great if you shift the preset name one char to the right. This way you will not lose the meaningfull section on the begining (of course, the rightmost char would be discarded)

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Agreed, I’d vote for a * on the left!

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I propose
‣ U+2023 \u2023 ‣ triangular bullet

Another way would have been to have a permanent 16 chars display of state for the slots of current bank, certainly doable for MC8. something as 0|||00000|000|00

Anywhere we can test out this new feature?

It would be great if Presets Q-V could mirror their shift status across all banks.

I’ll post the MC8 v3.9 beta firmware this week

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It’s gonna be a good week!

Thanks for the idea - but I don’t think it’s going to be easy to decipher all the 1s and 0s quickly though :grimacing:

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Ok I have added the beta v3.9.0 firmware here: Release Beta Firmware v3.9.0 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

As usual, please use the staging editor. This won’t work with the current editor at all (at least for the loading and saving of presets) as we’re working on improving the communication between the controller and editor

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Try using a bitfield

Hi @james.
Loaded the new firmware and it seems ok. I tried a scenary in my Boss RC-500 where I use the Shift state to trigger a TRK SELECT (toggles active track between 1 and 2) on the first time I use that track. The following presses just toggle between play/record on selected track. This is a great feature that solves a bunch of situations where we need a third state in presets. Well, the bad news is that sometimes I need to un-shift a previously shifted preset because I have more that one preset for track for running different funtions (STOP/UNDO/CLEAR). So, when I do a TRK SELECT I must un-shift all presets of that track to prevent jumping to other tracks. Hope I’ve been clear and thanks for your work.

To be more clear, the desired scenario is:

  • I have 3 presets to control each track of my looper. Track 1 - A, B, C. Track 2 - D, E, F.
  • A shift preset triggers a track toggle1 ->2 or 2->1 (in RC-500 is a TRK SELECT cmd)
  • Only the first preset pressed on each track should trigger a track toggle on the looper.
  • When I press A (shift), I toggle to track 1, un-shift B C and shift D, E and F.
  • If I press B (un-shift), I run the programmed cmd.
  • If I press D (shift), I toggle looper to track 2, un-shift E, F and shift A, B, C and run cmd
  • If I press C (shift), I toggle looper to track 1, un-shift A ,B and shift D, E, F and run cmd
  • etc…

Thanks! Let me look into your comments tomorrow.

I’ve removed the firmware for now because there is an error when you try to save expression presets in the editor - exp preset A will save to Preset A, exp preset B will save to Preset B. Will fix this and re-publish tmr.

** EDIT: I have published the firmware dated 2021-05-19 which fixes the issue with saving Exp presets, and updated the staging editor with the fix as well.


Can’t wait to try this tonight! It will be my first time on the staging editor, as well.