New to MorningStar, Help deciding

Hello everyone!
First of all I hope I’m not breaking any rules by talking about other gear.
I’m about to buy a Morningstar midi footswitch, and I am quite excited. But I can’t get my head around some things, either I didn’t find explicative info about it or it didn’t answer my doubts. My first question is, are the switches silent or do they ‘click’ when ypu press them?
And my main question,
What’s the difference between the 3 units, aside from the number of buttons? I think I could do with the 3 or maybe the 6, but then I seen the 8 and they all have different i/o options.
I am using a Deluge Synthstrom Audible sequencer, along with a violin+looper set up (currently using the Boomerang Phrase 3, thinking about getting a Pigtronix Infinity 3 looper, but I found few reviews so far, I think it’s quite new).
The Deluge can be taught to do different actions through a midi controller (I am yet to investigate deeper into this, because the D has a limited midi implementation).
The thing is that all 3 of Morningstar’s midi controllers seem ultra capable of very nice things, but I am not sure if the lack of Midi in (on the MC3), the different inputs/outputs (midi outs on minijack, aux, exp) the omniports… Do all that make for very different midi footswitch, between the Mc3, Mc6 and Mc8? I don’t want to buy the lesser just to realize I could’ve done better with a larger one. How do you use these pedals? Is the 3 or the 6 so different from the bigger one?
Also, I never heard of “jack to midi” cables. Do I need them?
Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:
Thank you in advance!

I had the MC6mkII then got the MC8 for the extra Omniports, switches, and slightly larger switch spacing (the wider, the better!). It really depends on what you need. If space isn’t an issue, go with the MC8!

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Thanks for your input! How do you use the omniports/what setup do you have? If it’s not too much asking :slight_smile:

I have the violin first, connected to a chain that lead into the looper (tuner, octave, more octave, delay, looper). The Rang gets the simplest midi messages from the Deluge (clock, play, stop). On the Deluge you can assign any button to a controller, so the MC would be sending and receiving from USB. Hopefully I can assign actions from different units into one press (i. E. A switch press that starts looping on the looper and also a drum, or mute/unmute on the sequencer).
Also, has anyone within the EU bought it from the official page? Taxes can be quite high, and the only page selling in my country (Spain) inflated a bit the price I think. So I’m not sure which option is better.

Oh you’ll definitely be able to accomplish that and much, much more!

I have an MC8 controlling a Morningstar ML5, Sound Sculpture Switchblade 8f, Strymon Volante, Strymon NightSky, Hologram Microcosm, and Source Audio EQ2. Two of my Omniports feed a 6-button Aux switch, and the others feed two Dunlop DVP4 Mini expression pedals.

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Hi. We have a product comparison chart here that hopefully will make your decision easier:

Which model you need largely depends on your needs. As our controllers are very customizable and flexible, it’s best to think of how you will use them from a work/performance flow perspective to decide how many switches/presets and also the types I/Os you will need.

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That is quite what I needed for now, I don’t know how I didn’t see it earlier! Thank you!

The MC6 is brilliant. My only regret is not buying the MC8 instead. Once you start using it and you see all the things you can do, you will run out of switches and connections very quickly. Unless space is an absolute deal breaker, you will not regret the MC8.