[New Release] Firmware v3.10.1

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Great, but after migration, some presets have their names broken, in several banks, no explanation found

EDIT: it appears that it always occurs for preset H, all Hs :frowning:
The Use Toogle group 11 is added part the bug, other messages are apparently still ok.

Thanks for the feedback. Nothing much changed from the last beta update though. If you reload your backup, does it work fine for you?

I worked a lot before I discovered the problem, I won’t restart from full backup.
I have individual bank backups and the preset reload Ok from them.
I discovered that Preset I is also broken, not the names but messages.
I have to check everything now, but should be Ok :frowning:

EDIT: I just noticed on my second MC8 that bank presets H & I are broken from bank 10 to end (30), if it could help to fix.

What could be a time saver would be to be able to extract a bank from a full backup for loading in current bank, just as we extract a preset from a bank backup.

Yes, I will add that for future editor update. For preset file upload, if a controller backup is used, you can select the bank and then the preset. For bank file upload, you can select the bank if a controller backup is used.

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I just pushed this update to staging. If you do give it a try, let me know how it works for you, thanks.

Hi @james , I am just testing and globally it looks great and works but there is one detail missing for me : when I select only one bank, there should be a button ‘Save to current bank’ because actually the bank always restore to bank 1. Or we could move each bank to the desired slot which does not look to be possible.

I’m not sure about the problem you are describing. If you want to load the file into a selected bank, you just need to click on Load from File in the Bank header?

Ok, I will see, I certainly missed this new feature.
I am now more puzzled by this ?

@james, has the public firmware been rolled back to v3.10.0 as of the 7th May? I have v3.10.1 which was available on the 6th.

Typo in the MC8 filename. Will fix it.

I released a new update dated 7 May because I realised the default virtual USB MIDI setting might be set to 0, so users who updated might find that no USB MIDI messages are sent, unless they go to controller settings and save the general config setting with the Virtual usb midi setting set to 1 or more

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Thanks for the confirmation. Is the default USB setting the only variation, along with version number?

Yes, that is the only difference. The default is changed to 1 Virtual USB MIDI port instead of 0.

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Hi James, in the latest beta firmware the bank jump to the last used bank jumps back to the correct bank but also changes its page, which was not activated.

Thanks, saw the issue. Will post an updated firmware today.

my MC8 is still not sending midi via the omniports after this update and the subsequent patch

I’m not experiencing this issue and using omniport 1 successfully to a Strymon pedal. Which pedal are you sending midi to?

sending to a whammy IV as well as to a disaster area micro ghost which is sending to a source audio c4. neither work from the omniports but both work in the main midi chain. I’m using a TRS cable and a female TRS to male MIDI adapter for both. when I’m using it in the main midi chain I was using both adapters and one TRS cable to get from the disaster area to the whammy and it worked so I don’t suspect it’s a cable or adapter issue.

What’s your omniport setting set to?