New Product Suggestion - Audio Interface and MIDI Control for iOs

I’m one of a growing number of guitar players looking to simplify my rig (pedalboard and/or multi-fx processor)…… and just use my iPad for Fx.

  • Growing volume of fx are NOW available for iOS
    * There are COMPLETE guitar rig set ups (Amplitube, Bias, TH-U, and others)
    * There are build your own using fx (AUv3) hosting apps like AUM or Audiobus
    * The price of these fx are MUCH cheaper than their pedal /stomp box counterpart
    * The quality of these fx plugins/apps is improving as well. (Yeah….it’s not quite a Strymon box, but it’s good)

  • Guitar 2 MIDI has developed well and is suitable for many uses or songs (maybe not quite everything)

SooOOoOOoo……. RIGHT NOW……. there are very FEW audio interfaces designed for guitar players who want to use their iOS for fx. There’s iRig and Xtone which are purposefully designed for this. If you want to call their products “designed”. There are other portable or battery operated audio interfaces (Zoom has one, and there may be a few others); but they weren’t designed from the ground up with this purpose.

The need is for a COMBINED audio interface and MIDI controller. The MIDI part comes in so the guitar player can stomp on the switches and change patches, etc.

As an owner of Xtone…… I can tell you it’s a crappy product. It sends MIDI CC messages….ONLY on release of the foot switch rather than on pressing the switch. Yeah…. I think this is because they have 3 switches that serve double function and require a ‘press and hold’ to change something in the device. So yeah…. their products aren’t that great. But there’s NOBODY ELSE out there in the market place.

There you go Morningstar. The market is a) RIPE b)YOUNG and you have some great engineers. You can start by tearing apart Xtone and improving on their product.

Don’t WAIT!!!