New features suggestions

Hi there. I have a couple of suggestions for new features:

  1. Would it be possible to implement optional quantising of tap tempo? So that the output would be integers? Maybe use some sort of .floor or .ceil in the programming bit?

  2. As an expansion to the already very handy midi channel names, maybe it would be possilble to name all the CCs as well, pr midi channel? Lets say I have my line of SA pedals on midi channel 2. I have named the channel Source Audio. Now, I also want to name each CC, so in stead of finding CC 56 and 57, I would find CC 56 - Collider Delay Time and CC 57 - Collider Feedback Amount. This way I don’t need to check user manuals every time I want to do some sound sculpting. This would, of course, be per channel based, so when selecting Midi Channel 3 - HX Stomp, i would be presented with a new array of clean (just numeric) CCs - all ready to get new CC names.

Both of these would be very handy. Cheers for making such great midi controllers!!


Thanks for the feedback.

I didn’t quite understand point 1. Are you referring to the MIDI Clock BPM?

For point 2, we can’t allow the user to specifically name the CC message. But a simila feature is there already - provided the device you want to show is in the MIDI Dictionary.

In the image above, the Timeline and Bigsky CC message names are automatically shown in the editor, and this is sourced from the MIDI Dictionary. You’ll need to name your MIDI Channel to be similar to the device name.

Wow, that is a quick reply indeed! Thanks!!

I understand. I see the Nemesis and the Collider is already there from Source Audio. This is great! The problem with the rest of the One Series pedals from Source Audio is that they dont really have CCs preconfigured. Users however can program their desired CC to the pedals themselves, through the SA Neuro Hub.

So the Hub is controlled by DIN from the MCx, and it can send CCs to all range of One Series pedals (the smaller ones doesn’t have DIN slots). Now, I can program CC2 to control the drive amount on the LA Lady, and CC3 to program the Depth on the Mercury flanger (and so on).

How could we solve this, or possibly incorporate this into the Morningstar Editor?

For 1) I was referring to this:

I have preset A on the bank programmed to TapTempo to all my devices. Not a MidiClock, but just tap tempo. So if I tap lets say at 120,3 beats pr minute, the MC6 sends 120,3 to all the devices. This is good.

What I would like is the option for letting the MIDI output of 120,3 to be 120. The MIDI output of 120,8 would be 121. You know, rounding down and rounding up.

We could possibly explore taking the info from the User Library description. We’ll add that to our backlog.

I think you’re sending CC messages to engage the tap functions in your devices. Is that correct? There’s no way the controller can control
how the downstream devices manage the CC messages though