New feature request: Global Bank, Global messages

It would be really cool with a global bank that could contain some global messages/presets.
For example if you have some kind of boot pedal or the reverb for your amp, and you have an extension aux with 2-3 extra switches, then you could engage these global presets no matter which bank and page you’re at at the moment.

That would be such a super feature.


Hi. The current solution to that would be to copy and paste your desired “global” preset to all banks. This is done by copying the preset and triple clicking the Paste button.

Can this be done faster than a one by one preset copy & paste?

I’m about to add 6x aux switches that’ll have the same function on every bank, pretty what OP describes, and I am not looking forward to copy pasting 6x presets one by one to all of my existing banks…

Basically, I want to paste new presets I,J,K,L,M & N to all existing banks without affecting A thru H (on an MC8).

EDIT: I’m a fool, I just saw on another thread that the triple click you mentioned will copy to all banks so I only need to do 6x copy pastes.

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