New Editor - Can't upload individual banks any more

With the old version of the editor, I was able to upload banks in a setlist-manager fashion under the “Controller Backup” menu. This was convenient for two reasons:

  1. I could upload multiple banks to my MC8 without having to download a separate backup file from the setlist manager.
  2. When I uploaded the banks, the existing banks on my MC8 after the edited banks were not changed. For example: If I was changing banks 1-5, Banks 6-30 would not be written over or cleared.

With the new editor, it seems like this feature has been removed. Has it been entirely replaced by the setlist manager, or moved somewhere else? If it was removed, is there a way that I can only change the first few banks on my MC8 without changing the latter banks in the setlist manager?

Yes, the setlist manager was supposed to replace this feature.

We’re working on enhancing the Setlist manager, to allow you to retrieve data from the MC as well as push data to it.

For example, instead of loading a file, you can connect to the controller to retrieve data for all banks. For each bank section, you can push data for each bank back to the controller (i.e saving a bank).

Maybe we can add this preset manager back temporarily which this is being built - will check it out.