New board and new to MIDI (need some advice!)

Hi all,

This is my first post here. Hoping to field some advice and information on which Morningstar switcher is the correct one for me. To be transparent, I am totally new to MIDI and overall do not have a great understanding of the ins and outs of it at this point, but I am learning! What turned me on to Morningstar were their videos on MIDI basics, which were the first videos I actually thought did a great job explaining MIDI and its wiring to a complete novice like myself.

Either way, I’ve put this board together and need some advice on whether this is the right setup for me. As of right now, I think the MC6 is the best choice for me given the small(er) footprint, easy interface, and I believe it will be compatible with everything I want it to. Additionally, I have had thoughts about adding in the ML5. As you can see, based on this board, I’m a long time user of the EQD Swiss Things. I use this for bi-amping, easily switching off one loop or another and using really all of its functions. I, historically, have used a loop switcher in many of my board iterations for quick switches between drives/OD/fuzz as well as my modulation effects. This is where I’m unsure if an ML5 is going to be right for me. I understand that the ML5 seems to create a MIDI signal for my analog pedals, and in this case, I am banking on the ML5 controlling all my drive pedals. Do you think that adding something like this will add a little too much complexity to the switching/tap dancing of this board. To be clear, I use all of these distortions/fuzzes/ODs in one set… let alone multiple in one song sometimes. So I worry that I’m gonna be clicking bank up/bank down on the MC6 just to get to my next drive pedal which is only paired with RV-5 for a basic rhythm sound in some parts, then switching around to a fuzz with the RV-5 + chorus + delay, etc. It seems like it’s going to be A LOT of patches to make, to possibly make my situation more complicated. So that begs the question, do I just stick with my standard loop switcher and leave it in the Loop A of my Swiss Things? I’m thinking so, unless someone has a better understanding and explanation of the MC6/ML5 compatibility and how it can make my life easier lol.

Last thing, there’s a small space in the bottom left hand corner of this board. This is meant to be for a Morningstar MIDI box. I plan to control all of my modulation with the MC6 and all my drive with the loop switcher, at this time, unless something really thinks I should be getting this ML5 for ease of switching.

So when you look at this board, think that all my modulation will go through the MC6, all drive will go through the loop switcher (or ML5). Does this setup make sense? Is there a glaring flaw I’m overlooking? Looking to learn here, so go easy lol. Very new to MIDI and this will be my first ever MIDI switcher, so I am looking for it to be easy to use, ideal for a gigging musician, and ideal for someone with dense songs that need multiple switches within the song.

Thank you!