[New Beta Feature] Editor Profiles

We are testing a new feature called Editor Profile in the staging editor which currently contains Message Description data.

Message descriptions are text information you can add to you preset messages so you can keep notes on what the message is doing.

These data are not stored in your device but are stored in your Editor Profile which you can load in the Editor Settings tab. The data is also cached locally so you don’t need to re-load it unless you want to load a different profile for a different device.

Since the data is not stored in the device itself, editing the messages directly in your device will not be reflected in the Editor Profile data. If you do everything in the editor then the data will be synced.

I would recommend saving the data to file after each session just in case your cache gets cleared unintentionally (which is unlikely to happen unless you clear your browser data).


Oh VERY nice! Will try it out and report back!

Great idea! I’ll finally have some time later this week to test the new beta stuff.

Thanks. We’ll start porting the features over to the MC6MKII so we can release the beta firmware for that

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We’ve just released the MC6 v3.9 beta firmware. Updated the staging editor as well but seems like there’s a global internet outage now.

When was the last time this happened :skull:

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Awesome feature!!!thNks


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@james - I’m no longer seeing my User Library text values in the editor, MC6MkII, 3.9.0, editor v1.1.6 Beta:

Have tried toggling ‘Enable Preset message descriptions’ on and off, have tried refreshing cache, and clearing cookies then reloading my user library from exported json but they no longer show.

I guess the ideal here would be to use text from User Library if present? Thanks!

Got it, I’ll fix it in the next update.

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