Neural Quad program

I’m new to Midi use, but managed to get complete response from my Kemper Stage.
The Neural Quad is slightly more challenging.

  1. Bank 1 A is a Bank Jump to bank 10
  2. Bank 10 on entry loads up Set 2, preset 1 (=0), opens in Scene Mode, opens Gig mode.
  3. Press A = Preset 1, scene mode, Double tap = gig mode
  4. Sometimes this opens in scene mode, so double tap B = preset, press A = preset gig mode.
    4 A through H, press = select Preset 1-8 in scene gig mode.
    5 double tap D = Tempo. (no on/off toggle as tempo cuts out in no action)
    6 Double H = tuner.

This works well - but is it the best program?

The bigger issue is using Page 2. All the Bank 10 ‘On Entry’ is now in press I.
Suggestion please.