Neural DSP Plugin Control

Hey everyone,
Is there any discussion here on how to use the MC8 to control a Neural DSP plugin? Neural has some videos up however they are a bit confusing. Is there any plans for @james to do a tutorial on this?

No plans yet - which plugins specifically? We have not used the Neural DSP plugins before, but we saw Cory Wong using the MC6 with his plugin in a video.

Hi. I just got my MC8 and am following some of your tutorials to learn how to use it. So far it exceeds my expectations. However, I’m having 2 issues with the Cory Wong plugin and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong (likely) or if something has changed since the video was made.

#1 - the tap just doesn’t work. I’ve double checked everything is set up like the video and even checked the midi monitor and the correct message is being sent out.

#2 - toe down to engage the wah…again I’ve double checked everything I can think of. I was able to program another switch to engage the way so I know that part works at least.

Thanks for the help in advance.

So MIDI monitor confirms that the expected CC, PC or whatever messages are being sent on the expected MIDI channel?

If so, it sounds like the messages aren’t reaching the destination, or they are reaching the destination but the device isn’t triggered.

Is the receiving device / software set to receive MIDI messages on the same channel you’re sending from the MC? Sorry if that’s obvious / dumb…

I agree, it does sound like the messages aren’t making it to the plug-in. But I’m wondering if it’s something else that I noticed while testing.

This is a screen shot from the GigPerformer midi monitoring utility. You can see that along with the CC 30: 127 Channel 2 message there is a bunch of other stuff being sent. I saw the same thing in a stand alone midi monitor utility. I’m wondering if this is somehow confusing the NDSP plugins.

Here’s the results of my testing:

I was able to get my Quad Cortex to accept this message for global tap.

GigPerformer is a little more complicated. For those that don’t know, GP is a VST host designed for live performance – think MainStage but way better (IMO). GP has a global tap parameter which provides tap to all the plugs and I was able to get it to accept tap and work as expected However, GP also has the ability to send tap via CC to individual plugins and I was not able to get that to work. It has worked in the past with an Xsonic Airstep.

All of this leads to me think that maybe this extra “noise” (SysEx looking stuff) is somehow confusing things. Am I off base?

I should also add this is midi over USB.

Agree that looks like the CC and SysEx being received. I don’t know if that’s what would be expected here… @james?

The SysEx messages are sent while the device is in Editor mode. It is meant to communicate with the editor. You can just filter them out or ignore them.

Are you using the plugin as standalone or in Ableton etc? We realised recently that using it in Ableton, only Note messages can be used (Note On with velocity at 127).

Ok, I disconnected from the editor mode and I don’t see the SysEx messages any longer. Thanks! I also got it figured out in GigPerformer…I didn’t have it setup right.

However, the original problem was with the Cory Wong in Standalone mode. The first screen shot is the midi configuration from the standalone plugin, the second is from a midi monitor utility running on my Mac. As you see, everything appears to be setup correctly, yet its still not working. I tried other NDSP plugins in standalone with the same results. Is it something in their midi implementation?

I’m also having an issue getting the toe down expression message to engage the wah.

Ah sorry, “have you disconnected from the editor” is always an early debug question, sorry I missed that!!