Need to press twice the first time a preset is used

I have some presets I’m using to control my Boss RC5. I haven’t figured out any pattern yet, but some of the presets buttons need to be pressed twice the first time I use them. After that, they work as expected. I’m curious if this is the RC5 causing this or something else. The patches a simple Release commands to go to a cc value.

I’m not sure if it is RC5 specific - but you can check the MIDI Monitor to see if the messages are being sent when you engage the preset. I don’t think there is any bug in the current firmware that requires the switch to be pressed twice before the MIDI message is sent - it’s sent according to how you programmed it.

Perhaps you can share a screenshot of your preset settings?

Thanks. I’ll upload one later. Tied up right now.

Here is one that requires two taps to get it to work the first time. It very well could be the RC5.

Might be - we don’t have a RC-5 to test with though. So lets say you have done 2 taps to get the RC5 to respond - if you restart the MC3, do you need to tap twice again?

Yes. I Need to tap twice after restart.

Can you email us ( your preset data for that preset? I’ll load it into my controller and check it out.

Did you ever check the midi monitor to see when the MC6 was sending midi?

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This for sure first.
I don’t know if the RC5 is anything like my RC500, but when setting up the cc# targets, you can choose “toggle” or “momentary”. Some targets work either way but some do weird things like this if its toggle.

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I think this is more of a matter of me having to learn how to think “midi” than any real problem. Noob error!. The first message is set to send cc message 5. Message 5 corresponds with the default drum Kit 1. In this case I would have to tap twice to get past the default and initial kit if that’s my first cc value in the patch.

So I moved the cc value 5 message past the last one in the patch. I’m not sure if this is the best way to handle this. It works correctly other than the message number not corresponding with the Kit number.

I just replied your email, but I’ll share the information here as well.

Yes, so the first CC#81 value 5 message will be sent first if it is at Msg1, which is why I guess you don’t hear any difference in the drumkit as it is loading the default. The method in the file you sent works fine. There is one other way but it’ll be an additional step.

If you move the message back to 1:

​And then in your bank preset, you have an On Enter or On Enter Once Only to set the Msg scroll counter to 1:

When the controller boots up and enters the bank, the next message sent will be Msg2.

Excellent. I’m learning quite a bit by working through these RC5 patches. Thanks for the tip.

Perhaps off topic, but RC5 midi can be peculiar: Loopers with midi. Rc5 vs 1440 | The Gear Page

I have the same issue between my MC6 and RC500. It seems that the two units don’t engage until the first button is pressed on the MC6, then all works fine.

I just got used to including pressing any button on the MC6 as part of my pedalboard power up routine.

Can you elaborate? I run an MC6 with an RC-500 with no issues like this. You mean you boot up, and the first MC6 preset you try doesn’t trigger anything on the Boss?