Need Help with Midibox Wiring/Setup

[also posted on fb morningstar group, but haven’t received a lot of feedback).

I’m getting ready to begin soldering all my analog and midi cables for my board. I purchased all the wiring, 5 pin plugs, 3.5mm TRS plugs, and 1/4 TRS plus.

My Question…I have the MS Midi Box and a MC8. There’s not a lot of info on wiring the midibox so I’m reaching out for help from the experts.

As a wishlist request for Morningstar Engineering, it would be so helpful if we had some example diagrams to illustrate wiring use cases from the Midi Box to the MCx and multiple Pedals.

For the Midi Box, do I solder a 3.5mm TRS plug on one end of the cable (for the MIdi Box 3.5mm output) and a 5 pin plug to the other end of the cable (Pedal Midi Input)…when there is no TRS input. Like an octopus from the box out to all the 5pins or 1/4 inch TRS?

If yes, do I then ignore the 5 pin midi through on the pedal?

Finally to get it to connect to the MC8, do I then wire the 5pin output on MidiBox to the 5pin on the MC8?

I’m new to midi in general and I want to make sure I’m soldering correctly. These cables and plugs aren’t cheap. Lol.

I do have some CB pedals so with that I assume it would be 3.5 to 1/4 TRS.

Thanks in advance for any help! And please don’t hesitate to ask for any clarifications on my setup.

For my midi pedals, here is what I have:

  • CB Meris CXM 1977 - 5 pin In and Thru

  • CB Benson Preamp MKII - 5 pin In and Thru

  • H9 Max - 5 pin In and Thru

  • Disaster Area Smart Clock - 5 pin In and Thru

  • Source Audio Ventris - 5 pin In and Thru

  • Source Audio Nemesis - 5 pin In and Thru

  • CB Gravitas - 1/4 TRS

  • CB Thermae - 1/4 TRS

  • Source Audio C4 - 3.5mm TRS

You can chain all of the pedals together that use the 5pin din connectors. It doesn’t really matter the order. For instance, you can come out of the MC8 to the midi box 5pin in, and then out of the midibox 5pin out to the next 5pin in, etc, etc. Just watch out on the H9, you have to go into the pedal’s midi settings to turn on midi through. In your situation I would do that for the 5pins, and save the trs outs of the midibox for your trs jack midi pedals. Six of the trs outs you can configure with jumpers inside. This means that you can wire your connectors straight through, so, tip to tip,ring to ring, and shield to shield. For CBA pedals the jumper inside will be set to send midi on ring. The wiring on your 5 pin cables will be straight through as well. You can find diagrams online but you use only pins 2, 4 and 5. As long as you wire to the same on each side you’ll be fine.