Need help setting up Expression

I would like to use expression over midi for my Strymon Iridium to simply control the volume. Everything seems pretty straight forward.
However, I am wondering if I have to set this up for every preset/bank as a foot press or if I can have this available as a global setting?

My understanding is that each bank has 4 different expression ‘presets’ available. Do these expression presets need to be triggered by a command to enable them? Such as “on enter bank” etc.
Do “on enter bank” commands work when booting the device up first time?

Currently, there is no global setting for this but you can easily copy the expression and pasting it to all banks.

In the editor, copy the expression preset, and then triple-click on paste. This will paste it to all banks in the same preset i.e. if you copied Expr1 preset and are currently editing Expr1, triple-clicking paste will paste the copied preset to the Expr1 presets in all the banks.

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Thanks for this.

I seem to be having a problem getting any midi sent from the expression input.

I am able to send a PC message to my Iridium using Omniport 1, which is set to MIDI Out (standard).
I am able to see expression value from Expression 2.

But nothing is being picked up by any pedal I try to send expression over MIDI to.

EDIT - I realized that each expression preset (Expression 1, Expression 2 etc) corresponds to the omniport the expression pedal is connected to.
I just assumed these were 4 expressions presets that could be recalled at any point, not necessarily specific to the omiports themselves.