Naming P1 and P2 on MC8

Hey guys! Is there a way to name differently Page 1 and Page 2? As far is I’m concerned it is not possible, and that’s a bummer because I was planning on using each page as a different song and putting both names of the songs in the display it’s not working for me. If it’s really not possible could it be implemented on a next firmware? I know it would be very helpful for a lot of people :slight_smile:

You mean on the screen of an MC3 or an MC6? That’s a no I’d guess… nowhere to put it!

Looks possible on an MC 8 though, bigger screen so more text.

Suggest naming your banks like “Song 1 / Song 2” so you see that when you enter the bank… and then maybe add a prefix telling you it’s song 1 (like “1Chorus”) for labels on page one and prefix like “2Bridge” for labels on page two?

On an MC8, sorry for not being clear about that. There are workarounds obviously, but it would be really cool if they could implement it, I would think it’s not that difficult but I’m not sure…