Name for shift state in MC3 as in new MC6pro


I love my MC3. It replaced a big boss ES-5 and gave me way more flexibility in my pedalboard, plus some valuable board space.

I use the shift state a lot, and use the current way to identify what state I am ( with the triangle symbol of the shift state). This works fine but I noticed that in the new MC6pro the shift state can be named. This will be awesome for the other controllers, specially MC3 with the limit number of buttons.

Will there be updates for this in the future?

Unfortunately, that is not possible with the MC3/6/8 due to limited memory and storage so we can’t add any new parameters. We could possibly repurpose the long name (so you choose between long name OR shift name) but that’s for the future if there are more requests.

Hi James,
Repurposing the long name sounds great. Count me as a request.
Great work and thanks a lot