My Strymon pedals keep controlling each other

My pedalboard is chained together like this: MC6 (midi out) into Timeline (midi in) - Timeline (midi out) into Mobius (midi in) - Mobius (midi out) into Big Sky (midi in).

When I click the Timeline, it also turns on the Mobius - and so on. I want my pedals to be separate of each other so I can build presets for the Morningstar.

I’m new to midi and I’ve really tried to get the hang of it but idk what is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are all your strymon pedals set to a different MIDI channel? It needs to be different so you can control each one independently.

That’s probably it. How would I set that up?

Hold the Value knob on the Timeline (and I assume the BigSky) to access the global settings then you can change the midi channel from there

Yep that fixed it. Appreciate it!