My Small-ish Board

Been using a PT-Pro for almost 10 years so this Novo 24 is a huge reduction in size. Especially when you consider that the HX Stomp is also my stereo amp rig. My go-to amp pair lately is an AC30 & HiWatt with IRs from The Amp Factory. These are the best IRs I’ve tried by far. IRs are NOT all created equally.

Just got the MC6 in December and I’m diving into it more every day now. It’s a bit more prep work than I’m used to, but the punch it packs is worth it. I only joined this forum a few hours ago and I’ve learned a bunch tonight! I thought this would be better than bugging @James every day. :laughing:



How do you like the setup? What runs preHx vs after Hx vs Looped? How did you organize your MC6 banks? and What runs from Hx switches vs Mc6 switches.

As I’ve been rebuilding my “ampless” rig I’ve been slowly gravitating towards a similar setup with an HxStomp + MC6 + H9 as the “amp + postprocessor” and a series of analog pedals in front (Cali76, Gladio or duelist, Lightkeeper (eventually a kingsley maiden)). The Mc3 below is getting upgraded to an MC6 within days.

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Hi, sorry for the slow response…I’m still loving this setup. The only thing I change out is the overdrives occasionally. I’m always swapping them for fun or for the particular songs in a set.

I’m currently running every pedal pre-HX, but I run the reverb in the HX after the amps & impulse responses. The Dunlop VolumeX is connected to the MC6 expression and I primarily use it to control a volume block in the HX Stomp but I also occasionally use it to control feedback/mix on my delay pedals. It’s so handy to not have it directly in the chain and be able to use it for anything I want.

I tried running my delays/reverbs in an effects loop on the stomp but I always felt that they sounded different in a bad way. I’ve never tried running them after the HX, but I really do want to try this sometime… especially with reverb, so I might change out some pedals.

The HiFing bluetooth also stopped working since this post, so I got a CME WIDI Jack to replace it and have been using it with the MC6 flawlessly.

I do a ton of stuff with delay presets and am quite picky to have my delays set just right. So I set my MC6 up so that each song gets a bank and I have to plan ahead and load presets into the MC6. I do this with the editor so I have a folder full of song/bank backup files that I just need to load into the MC6 via the editor. It was a huge undertaking at first, but is so easy now that I have them completed. I wish so badly that we could have more banks in the Morningstar stuff so I wouldn’t need to load them ahead of time. I would gladly pay for this to be a change in the firmware… to have 100+ banks would be fantastic. Even just 50…

I use ForScore on my iPad. When I pull up a song on the iPad it tells the WIDI Master via bluetooth/MIDI to change to the bank on the MC6 that matches that song. Then when that bank loads the MC6 automatically tells the rest of my MIDI capable pedals to change their presets. I do it this was a fail safe… if the bluetooth craps out I can just manually change the banks of the MC6 with my foot. This hasn’t happened yet, and hopefully never does…

On my HX Stomp:
Switch A - controls the gain on my two amp blocks. Basically toggling between more and less amp gain. I’ve got it dialed in so good now, and this is so incredible to have on hand when I need it.
Switch B - controls my reverb levels. Toggling between a small and medium amount of reverb. If I need a ton of reverb I just kick this on and turn both of my delay pedals on at once rather than having a ridiculous amount of reverb.
Switch C - is just a reverb on/off.
I don’t ever use Snapshot mode, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

On my MC6 buttons change from song to song, but I always have a tuner/mute that controls the HX to use a tuner. A tremolo on/off toggle that controls a tremolo block on the HX. A master tap tempo that controls the delays and HX Stomp. I also have a fail safe that turns my expression pedal back to controlling my volume block. Some banks I have buttons to control different parameters on my delay pedals. Or change the expression pedal to control these things. One of my favourite things it to bring in extra playback heads on the Volante via these switches. I’ve purposely left two switches blank as I plan to get a Chase Bliss Automatone and want to use the MC6 heavily with that when the time comes.

How is your setup these days?

I’ve split into two different pedalboards, one for front of amp (Princeton Reverb for me) with an MC3 and one around an HXStomp (with an MC6).

The “amped board” is Tuner → A/B loop → A: MilleniumOD into Gladio, B: fuzz goes here → H9 Pre → [Not yet here] → Kingsley Page → Cali76 → H9 post.

So I run the H9 in pre/post mode and the MC3 just runs the H9. I have a thread over in the eventide column I need to update with my final settings. (Also make a demo video).