My new board! The Beast

Still “in build” and messy on the bottom deck but working. The MC8 is a game changer for me. Absolutely blown away with it. It replaced a RJM Mastering PBC/10. There’s a really annoying space that needs to be filled!

I’m about to replace the Kenton MIDI Thru and Chase Bliss MIDI Box with a Morningstar MIDI Box.


That looks like there isnt a tone you cant find. Nicely done


What an amazing board. How are you liking the H90? Ive been giving this some serious looks.

Thanks Petergeo. Love the H90! It seems expensive but it’s effectively two H9 Max plus a LOT more. The polyphonic pitch change is stunningly good.

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I keep coming back to look at this board :heart_eyes:.
I’m re wiring my board at the moment as it’s a mess. If I’m not mistaken you have some solderless patch cables, which ones are you using or any recommendations?

Where do you have the H90 in the signal chain?

It’s only the mono brown cables that have solderless jacks and they’re Evidence Audio DIY SIS. Nice sounding and reliable for solderless once you get the hang of making them!

The rest are soldered and custom made by here in the UK. These use soldered Square Plug jacks.

Good question because it’s in two places!

The H90 has two sets of stereo inputs so can be configured as two entirely separate effects units. In my case it’s in loops 1 and 4 of the RJM Mini Effects Gizmo X.

This way I can either have it in two different places in the signal chain (you can also reorder loops in the RJM,) or configure the two H90 effects internally to be in series or parallel internally. It’s very flexible!


Thanks for the info. The evidence audio seem to be generally highly recommended when it comes to solderless. I’ll check out the designacable site looks like what I need. I’ll be opening my wallet soon I think :grinning: