My new beloved board (MC6 + Midibox)

Alder & Ash custom made.

Everything is under the control of the fabulous MC6 (and just enough clearance for, maybe a MC6PRO :wink:

The EXP pedal is on the floor cause i prefer it this way. Just one pedal but it controls a lot of things at the same time (Volume, Wah, Whammy) thanks to Morningstar.

Inside the trap, everything is powered by 3 Ojai and 1 Gigrig Isolator.
There is also a Morningstar Midibox to send Midi signal to 11 pedals and also a Fortin Roach to split the signal at the entrance and a (always on) Fortin Mini Zuul.

Plenty of space left inside but i don’t really need anything else.

The idea of this board is to be able to make plenty of sounds easily (buttons, not many menus) and to have exactly one pedal for each task. Using it live is super easy (i only use the lower row pedals, the rest is up to MC6).

Strobostomp: Tuner
SY-200: Synth
Hedra: Pitch
Bloom: Comp
Synesthesia: Modulations (Pre/Post)
Bliss Factory : Fuzz
Sunset: OD
Iridum: Amp
Tensor: Glitch
Echosystem: Delay
Illumine: Reverb
RC-5: Loops
Zuul: Gate

Signal path is quite complex. One branch of the Roach goes to Tuner + Zuul key, the other goes to SY-200.
Then goes to Synesthesia (Post), Tensor and then Echosystem, Illumine and Rc-5 (Stereo).

The rest is in SY-200 send/return: Hedra → Bloom → Synesthesia (Pre) → Bliss Factory → Sunset → Iridium → Zuul

This allow me to use the Sy-200 either direct to timed effects (with or without guitar sound), or inside the loop for specific sounds.

Of course, no amp. Everythong goest to the P.A and/or FRFR


That’s beautiful!! Some excellent pedal choices there too. The strobostomp is great, I just got one of those recently. Way over the top for what I need but they’re soooo cool!

Thanks !

In fact this Strobostomp is very useful for anyone.

First, strobe tuning is way more accurate, and second tempered tunings are really useful!

As i’ve got 2 Tom Anderson, i use the Buzz Feiten mode for them, but even for other guitars i don’t use the regular tuning (GTR).

My tip: use the EVH tuning instead. It alters very slightly some strings (or at least B from memory) and sounds way better than the normal tuning on mini chords and all that stuff. Try it !

Van Halen tuned in Eb but that’s not relevant here. EVH mode is just a tempered mode for regular guitars and that’s good.

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what size Barefoot Buttons did you use on the MC6?

I use minis.
Tallboy minis for the upper row and regular minis for the lower