My ML5 + MC8 "DeLorean" board

Someone asked online if it goes to 88mph. I guess the colours of the pedals do give off some B2TF time machine vibes.

I sold my frustrating BOSS ES-5 and took the plunge into Morningstar, buying the MC8 and the ML5’s and rewiring everything from scratch.

I’m in love with the ease of use!!

For those interested, the chain goes:

Tuner, then:

ML5 #1 (“Aaron”):
A: (comp): Keeley Compressor Pro
B: (pitch): EHX Pitchfork
C: (dist): Bogner Burnley → Tym Guitars Big Mudd
D: (OD): Bogner Wessex → Crowther Double Hotcake
E: (boost): Wampler Tumnus

ML5 #2 (“Bryce”):
A: (EQ/pre): Chase Bliss Audio Condor
B: (trem): Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas
C: (delay): Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall
D: (rev): Empress Reverb
E: (currently empty)


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Very nice work, but the important idea is the resulting sound, isn’t it ?
Personally I have been regretting that using 2 ML5 for stereo it is impossible to install some pedals in parallel (this need a 4->2 mixing feature and ML5 don’t know about mixing).
Last point : too few expression pedals :wink: but great cabling.

Thanks! I do like tidy cabling. And it sounds both menacing and lush.

For stereo ML5 action you should keep watch for the upcoming Morningstar ML5X, with 5 stereo (or 10 mono) loops, plus matrix for changing order (not sure about parallel though). I saw on the FB group it might come before the end of the year?

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I am afraid that parallel be out of reach of current techno, but interesting to see.
I am more interested in having more expression pedals slots on an MC10 because I uses more and more synths in complement to my guitar. But it seems I am the only here :frowning: asking for more foot pedals :wink:

What about just sending expression info via MIDI instead?

Really nice board!!!

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Thank ya, Quasar! Pretty proud of how it came out.

Niiiice board. Love the use of the boys from The National for naming there, good taste!

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Thank you kindly :blush:
Those guys are such an inspiration.

It’s entirely possible I misunderstood your comment, if that’s the case, feel free to ignore this question :wink:
Why would parallel routing be out of reach technologically? I run Switchblade 16’s in my rack and a switchblade 8F on my studio board that have been capable of matrix switching as well as parallel routing for almost a decade. Even The GigRig’s new G3 and Atom implement parallel routing.


[quote=“SuicidalLabRat, post:11, topic:1570”]
It’s entirely possible I misunderstood your comment, if that’s the case, feel free to ignore this question :wink:

I think you missed the point, problem is not in parallel audio path but in mixing 2 in one, I gave a look on your G3, it seems great but unable to mix 2 stereo signals into one, isn’t it