My ML5 is not working! :(

Hey, guys. I hope I can get some help out of this as it’s been going on for weeks I can’t find a video that shows me how it’s done.

I have been able to work with the CC messages on my HX Stomp, Timeline, and Synesthesia.
I’m just having issues with my BigSky not wanting to accept the MIDI Channel I gave and it’s not responding.

However, I can’t get my ML5 to acknowledge that I want to turn on and off my pedals.
This is how I have my ML5 set up:

ML5 IN: Dunlop DVP x8

ML5 Loop A Send: JHS Morning Glory
ML5 Loop A Return: JHS Morning Glory

ML5 Loop B Send: Browne Ampli. Protein V3
ML5 Loop B Return: Browne Ampli. Protein V3

ML5 Loop C Send: Bondi Effects SickAs
ML5 Loop C Return: Bondi Effects SickAs

ML5 Loop D Send: EHX Micro P.O.G
ML5 Loop D Return: EHX Micro P.O.G

ML5 Loop E Send: NONE
ML5 Loop E Return: NONE

ML5 OUT: GFI Synesthesia

I have programmed my MC6 MKii with either PC or CC messages, it used to respond to me to what I was attempting to do, but now it’s not responding at all for the reason anymore and it has been giving me a real headache on how to have this working, and I am trying to before EASTER SERVICE.

I need help! ASAP
Read the Manual and nothing worked… I tried to read that thing and attempted to learn it but nothing worked… I need someone to show me through video or video call to share my screens and then I can see how it works so that it can get stuck in my head on how the process works and I would understand it.

Thank you!!!

Just to confirm, so it was working before but now it isn’t? If so then I’ll assume that you got the CC/PC messages programmed correctly.

Can you confirm that it isn’t any issue with the MIDI Cable?

If you go into MIDI Channel Learn mode (ML5 User Manual) and send it a PC/CC message to set the MIDI channel, does it register?

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Hey James!

Yes, it used to flash and acknowledge the change with my MC6 and the ML5 and I did re-arrange the MIDI cables and are brand new and they do work also.

None of the MIDI cables are having issues, but I did check twice to make sure I didn’t add an MIDI Out to a MIDI Out, so they’re all in the correct order I want them to be.

This is my MIDI Signal:

MC6 → Timeline → BigSky → Synesthesia → ML5 → HX Stomp

MC6 → ML5 → Timeline → Synesthesia → BigSky → HX Stomp

Not sure if because of this Signal Chain is what makes it not want to communicate back to my MC6 for PC and CC changes.

Thanks for the info.

Can you try just connecting the ML5 directly to the MC6 PRO again just to verify that it isn’t because one of the devices isn’t passing MIDI messages through?

So I changed the MIDI Signal with having ML5 going direct to the MC6 and it did changed cause now my TImeline isn’t communicating with my MC6 so I guessing that there might be something.