My Live Music Rig

I just recently finished up this rig when I finally got a hold of a Selah Quartz.
I mostly use it for playing in a variety cover band (classic rock, motown, country, hard rock, etc.)
It’ll be great for writing originals once I get some unique presets programmed.
Happy to own my dream board. The MC8 / Quartz combo make it all possible.


How do you like that Boss OD/Dist unit?

The OD-200 is pretty versatile. The lower gain models are very good, authentic and useable, with the Tube Screamer model being my favorite. I have a harder time dialing in the high gain models, but I don’t have much experience working with those sort of tones. I tend to use amp distortion instead for higher gain sounds.
The only negative issue I am having with it is when I switch to a new preset (via midi PC commands), it always switches the pedal to an “On” state. I haven’t been able to find information yet on how to activate a preset with the overdrive and settings I need, but in a Bypassed state, or if it’s even possible. I have to include a Bypass midi command right after a program change, and sometimes the delay results in little static pops, if the amp model is high gain.

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Is there any interaction programmed between the two MC8‘s?

I‘m very much interested and plan to have a similar setup!


Dang that is a setup. Two MC8s and a 6 stomp box, do you even have to bank up on the MC8s haha?

My system mainly consists of 8 banks set up by the genre of the song (classic rock, hard rock, blues, country, etc.) The buttons basically all active the same thing per bank but send out different program changes to select effect presets with different settings.
Then I have banks for kemper presets and longer menus for more effect presets. Some of those banks change both in-sync to have 16 options spread out.
I actually consolidated quite a bit since those original pictures. The new pictures are close to how it is now except the OD-200 is now an IK Multimedia X-Drive.

2 years ago, the signal ran from guitar to racks, then to footboard then back to racks then out to PA.
Now it runs Guitar to footboard to racks to PA. Less cables and problems.

I haven’t updated the board or firmware in over a year. It’s due for a few changes but I have a hard time getting it scheduled.

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