My Live Music Rig

I just recently finished up this rig when I finally got a hold of a Selah Quartz.
I mostly use it for playing in a variety cover band (classic rock, motown, country, hard rock, etc.)
It’ll be great for writing originals once I get some unique presets programmed.
Happy to own my dream board. The MC8 / Quartz combo make it all possible.


How do you like that Boss OD/Dist unit?

The OD-200 is pretty versatile. The lower gain models are very good, authentic and useable, with the Tube Screamer model being my favorite. I have a harder time dialing in the high gain models, but I don’t have much experience working with those sort of tones. I tend to use amp distortion instead for higher gain sounds.
The only negative issue I am having with it is when I switch to a new preset (via midi PC commands), it always switches the pedal to an “On” state. I haven’t been able to find information yet on how to activate a preset with the overdrive and settings I need, but in a Bypassed state, or if it’s even possible. I have to include a Bypass midi command right after a program change, and sometimes the delay results in little static pops, if the amp model is high gain.

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