[My last 2021 Feature Request, but not the least : Add a label to Select Exp Message]

Just as this

This will allow to display a better text when the corresponding expression is used.

Actually, with one pedal I can target 5 or 6 different devices or effects, but the label displayed is always the same and sometime it is very difficult to remember which configuration is current.

This new label, if not nul, could do a better job than trying to display in 20 chars some explanation of all the pedal usages :
“Exp for Blofeld volume, but may also be for Model:Sample or for Korg Opsix, sometime it also acts as a Modwheel or PicthBend, when it does not cover other situations depending the last Select Exp Message used in a preset” :frowning:

This data can’t be stored in the controller, but you can use the editor profile to store this data:

Then you can type in a message description. This is saved locally in the editor.

Hello @james,
Thank you for your time answering, again.

My request concerns the play time, not the edit time.
I understand that the available memory is limited, partly used for firmware code, less for data.
That’s always the answer from all the gurus involved in effects or controlers and instruments conception.
But consider the adavantage of having a clear message concerning the expression pedal we are just using. MC8 manages 4 expressions (and I’ve got a second unit to raise this number to 8) but I get more than 8 instruments where I must control, depending the instant, volume, pitch bend, mod wheel and other exotic reverb/delay levels. And I am sure that I am not the only.

When you introduced the Select Exp Message it has been such a benefit for this situation. But playing more and more, I find myself many time in a situation where I can’t remember the last expression engaged, and I would appreciate to have an appropriate display to remember it to me when I press each pedal. Actually I always get the same message which is global for each expression pedal and that’s not clear.

May be can you update the actual way the firmware works concerning the exp message display, change it to use a new dynamic buffer area reserved for this in its memory area rather than using the long name of the Expression 1 [respectively 2,3,4]. This dynamic buffer could be filled by the Name we input in the Select Exp Message.
One buffer could be Ok for all the exp pedals attached to an MCx, because we are simple humans with 2 feet and never use 2 pedals in same time (for alien this could be a later version), so it could limit the need for size to only one preset long name by MCx.

Regardless of that, let me say that I am very satisfied with the last extensions you added, especialy the external midi which allowed me to add more switches to toggle page, goto to fixed main playing menu Bank, go back to previous, page up, without consumming any expression slot. Thanks.

The available bytes per message is limited so having one label in each message is really not possible.

the only possibility would be perhaps a placeholder in the name to show which messages are active.

I see :frowning:
May be using a table of dynamic messages stored in the controller settings (just as CC counters), and we could attach to some types of MSGs as the Select Exp using an index in the table ?
I am sure other people could find other messages which could benefit of this ‘MSG text ex’.
128 the best, 16 a good start.

What do you think of this suggestion ?

Might work. Maybe we can have a list of names in the global settings and then an option in certain messages to trigger the names to display. I’m not sure whether it will work yet, and not sure when we will start work on this.

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2 options : first for the message index, second with the display target : bank name, expression pedal name, last preset name, what else ?