My "compact" Board

Here is my board which is a Rockboard Tres. I tried to make it compact and good looking. The idea is to produce any kind of sound with it and i’m pretty happy with the result!


The MC6 controls (very well) all pedals, except the tuner of course. There are a lot of cables and things under the board to control all of this.

I use alternate controls direct on the floor, especially Expression cause i don’t like it on the board (too high). The Aux switch is optional for banking.


Dang that’s super impressive- great wiring and use of space. When you get that many pedals together does your signal chain just go as single path through everything? Whats your approach to ordering?

Really nice board!! Very tidy! Need to get mine looking smarter like that!!

Thank you. Mostly direct.

It goes C4->Bloom->Hedra->Tuner->Synesthesia Pre->Fuzz->Sunset->Syn Post->Iridium->Echo->Ventris

Stereo from Iridium. There are a lot of cables indeed (around 50 if you count midi and power), but most of them are quite short so that’s not an issue.

Thank you. I think the “secret” is to buy the pedalboard once you know what you will put on it. And then use flat cables :wink:

nice board, Karis. Do you use the Bloom for midi controlled Compression and EQ? That is an interesting pedal and i’m considering one but curious how EQ works so early in the chain? usually i have it after distortions and such.

Also, are you using the Send/Return on the Synthesia or elsewhere on your amp?


Yeah, what a nice board!

I’ll second flat cables. They work wonders!

And, I really like using to experiment with possible layouts.

thanks for that web site. I was using the Templeboard planner, but that one you linked is so much more up to date on pedals.

I use MIDI on Bloom to control the type (color) and Bloom value depending on preset. EQ is always on, at worse everything at noon but i use it for light corrections.

This EQ is working really well before an amp to adapt yourself to external conditions (the room you play for example which may sound too bright or too bassy).

Synesthesia is Pre Post yes Before and after Dirt. I use no amp or we could say Iridium is the amp.

Thank you. Good site !