My bass synth board

Suppose I should post mine!

Tuner > C4 > Looper > Soul Food > Chorus > Delay > HPF > Comp (always on).

MIDI is MC6 > Hub > C4. The Hub is just a dumb box for me - I store everything on the MC6…. overkill for one pedal but synth/MIDI has been my lockdown project! Plus if I replace any pedals now for sure I’ll go MIDI so I’ve got all connection options covered. I also use an expression pedal plugged into the MC6.

The GigRig is ace - powers four pedals (the least important ones!) from one of the 500ma outlets on the Truetone. Having the DC out on the tuner is sometimes useful as well, albeit (I guess) it’s not an isolated output.

Mixture of Harley Benton and Lava Tightrope solderless patch leads - the HB plugs are really good for stacking side by side without taking up too much space.


Super clean wiring… well done.

Thanks!! Those adhesive cable clips a few quid from eBay and they’re great!

Really, I should get a really short custom made MIDI cable rather than “one I stole from my mate Simon” but the one from my mate only cost £0.00 :smile:

And the silly loop of red lava cable is to preserve the length in case I ever need to reuse for something else!!