Multiple Pedals in one ML5 loop

Can you put multiple pedals in one ML5 loop? For example, could you have 3 overdrives in a loop, and have certain presets where two of the overdrives are on and one is off, or one preset where al 3 are on, etc.

Sort of, but not really. The concept here is that your pedals are always engaged, and the ML just switches them in or out of the audio path. ML doesn’t control the pedals themselves ie ML is not actually engaging / bypassing the pedal like you would by pressing the foot switch on the pedal. You could do this but it would involve manually toggling the pedals as well as the pressing the loop to activate it:

Loop A out > pedal 1 > pedal 2 > pedal 3 > Loop A in

When you activate Loop A, whichever pedals are engaged in that loop will become part of the active audio path. So if pedal 1 was engaged, pedal 2 bypassed and pedal 3 engaged, you’d get pedals 1 & 3 in the audio path. Then to add pedal 2 into the audio path you’d have to engage it on pedal 2 itself.

If that makes sense?!