Multiple messages on press not reaching one device

I’m using an MC6 II to control an Eventide H9, Source Audio EQ2, and Source Audio Atlas. I’m having no problems controlling the H9, and was having no problems controlling the Source Audio devices until I tried sending two messages on a button press, one to EQ2 and one to Atlas. (I’m using separate MIDI channels for them.)
What is happening currently is that the EQ2 does not respond to the message being sent, while the Atlas does. I was under the impression that the MC6 supports this arrangement with no trouble… am I missing something?
My end goal is to select specific presets on the EQ2 and Atlas which sound good with a specific H9 preset, which would be THREE messages on a single button press action.
Thanks for any info.

I always seem to find the answer once I ask for help. :joy:

I was sure that when I was figuring out the EQ2 and Atlas that the presets on the Atlas were zero-indexed and those on the EQ2 started at 1… but they are BOTH zero-indexed. The ‘lack of response’ I was seeing is never being able to select the first patch, since I had the wrong CC value in the MIDI message.

All is working perfectly now, and I can return to my quest for the perfect tone tomorrow! :+1: