Multiple key presses in one preset

I set up my MC6 to control scrolling and page up/down in Ultimate Guitar charts. This doesn’t work all that well, needing constant adjustments to the scroll speed.
So now I’ve reprogrammed my MC6 to do page up/down and up arrow/down arrow.
Question: If I want a specific button/preset to do a page down followed by an up arrow, do I put the second action on the same row ( same Msg) with the page down, or create a second message for the up arrow?

2 messages im pretty sure.

I’ll try that. I wonder what the two key presses in one message is supposed to do. Before the first keypress there are spots for modifier keys like Control or Alt.

The keystrokes in your screenshot is the same as pressing the PAGE DOWN and UP ARROW keys together at the same time, which I don’t think is what you want. You’ll need to put them in 2 separate messages, and perhaps a short delay message inbetween for what you want to do.

A delay Message, okay I’ll look into that