Multi Tracks - Ableton

I use Ableton and tracks for live music.

I have been using a looptimus pedal for about 5 years that does what it needs. Its straight forward.

It has 6 assignable midi controllers. Up and down pedals for changing banks and a stop/mode button assigned for stopping all audio

Ive broken mine in several ways and its overprice to get a new one.

My question is has anyone used the MC8 in a similar scenario and any examples of how to implement.

I usually assign the full track to 1/A in bank 1 then a similar track with only pads and shakers on 2/B and 3/B

Then the next song I switch to bank 2 and do the same thing. I dont do any program changes within the song for now but think that MC8 may help me make it easier.

You can sort of see here how I have things mapped in Ableton.

Hi. We made a video showing how you can use our MIDI controllers with Ableton Live. Works the same for the MC3, MC6 and MC8. You can use MIDI mapping or keystrokes to achieve what you want. Check it out here:

Thanks. I ended up making a clone of a pedal I already have using a combination of Midi Notes and CC changes.