MS Editor Msg copy/insert, “Collapse/Expand All messages” requests

I have found very difficult to program and move around multiple messages in a Preset because the MS Editor (app and Staging) uses up a lot of vertical space with the associated message information.

My suggestion/request is the following:
to have a “Collapse/Expand” messages button to, well, collapse all the message details in the current Preset leaving only their headers, to facilitate editing, like copy/paste and moving/ordering them around. And then use the “Collapse/expand” button again to, well, expand all messages.

And on the subject of Copy/Paste messages, I think a Copy/Insert function with an “Insert” option added to each message header would also be helpful for programming and editing the Presets.

Thank you for your always attentive reception and dedicated responses!


Just to add here what we have discussed via email.

We’ve implemented the features

  1. Show/hide message parameters
  2. Hover on Msg button to show parameters if all parameters are hidden
  3. Insert function after copying messages

in the beta editor ( and will merge it to the live editor probably next week.

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Thank you, @james ! Already using the new features in the Beta MS Editor! The additional individual message temporary-show feature by hoovering the cursor over the Msg button (with all messages details hidden) works great too!

Excellent work, kudos!