Morningstar vs. RJM?


I’m planning to buy a programmable Effect Loop Switcher for the pedalboard I’m building and it pretty much stands between the Mastermind PBC/6X and the Morningstar ML10X. I assume many of you have experience with the ML10X and Morningstar’s range of products but have any of you had any prior experience using any of RJM’s products? Especially the PBC/6X since that’s mainly the one that could potentially rival the ML10X in terms of number of loops, internal pedal order routing, parallel routing, stereo capabilities etc. I know RJM has been around for quite a while now while Morningstar is obviously more like the new kid on the block, and perhaps the long experience of RJM is an advantage? Any thoughts on these two switchers would be greatly appreciated since I have no experience of using any switchers.

If I were going to buy one I’d buy the ML10X without hesitation.

Not because I have any experience with RJM’s products, but because I’ve had experience with a lot of companies over the years and none come to mind that have been any better and more responsive than Morningstar.

I wouldn’t bad mouth RJM products because I have no experience with them. That said, I did my research on the Mastermind GT line vs. the Morningstar MC products and ended up with an MC8 and MC6 Pro, and when the MC8 Pro comes around I’ll add that to the list as well.

It’s nice to have good choices. Although I’ll point out that there’s a pretty substantial price difference in the products I’ve looked at.

The RJM PBC/6X costs $799 while the Morningstar ML10X costs $379. But then you’ll need to get the Morningstar MC8 to actually be able to switch between the diffrent loops and that thing costs $319, so that brings the cost to $698.

However, in order to use the switcher to switch between the diffrent channels on my amp and my preamp pedal I also need to get 2 Morningstar Relay Interfaces and they go for $39 each, so $78 for two of those.

That brings the total cost to $776. So by going down the Morningstar route I save $23 but this also means I need 4 diffrent units connected to each other on my board which means there are quite a bit of cabling needed as well. Not sure how much these will cost but they will most likely eat up those $23 if not more. So, in terms of price the Morningstar ML10X isn’t really cheaper than the RJM Mastermind PBC/6X and as far as I know you can do everything that the ML10X can do with the Mastermind.

I like both. What is said above is not wrong, but with Morningstar you don’t have to run all the cables from pedals an extra foot forward x2 cables for each pedal. You can put the ml10x in back and control footswitches from front. That is a big advantage for Morningstar. But both certainly have advantages

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MC6Pro has two relay switches built in.

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I’ve had experience with both for quite awhile now. Had the PBC10, then mc6 and PBC6x and now down to the mc6pro/ ml10x setup. Here’s my take between the two.

Software editor/setup and organization I have to give to the RJM side. It’s much easier to edit/store presets on the fly with the way they have it setup. Everything syncs together better with cc links and “update on preset change”…etc.

However, without labels the RJM functionality is more challenging as you have to remember what each button is for. This is what pushed me to the mc6 pro/ml10x setup. Also I like having the parallel abilities for my h9. But I will say it took me a far longer to get things setup in a good flow with the mc6 pro and pedal/toggle states still aren’t quite synced up as good as they would be with an RJM switcher. I end up using a lot more messages just to engage presets and set toggle states. BUT I really like having the displays, it makes it so much easier on stage.

Lastly, as you mentioned, you have more equipment with the morningstar setup since the pbc6x is all in one. So less devices to power and midi chain…etc. One thing I like about the mc6 pro/ml10x setup is I can switch out the midi controller easily since I don’t have all the loop connections obviously.

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I looked at both, especially when I had the MC6 MKII. The RJM is a slick piece of kit however the scribble strips and size sold me on the Morningstar - then there’s the MC8 which has more scope. The functionality of the MC’s are amazing and I’m sticking with Morningstar!